About Me

Hi my name is Teri Green and as the new author of this site I'd like to say welcome to "Ideal Places to Retire!"

As I was beginning to think about retirement and relocation myself I thought that there must be hundreds of other people out there who are also looking for that perfect spot to call home, so why not share the information that I'm finding with everyone else.

I've always considered myself a bit of a traveler and as a result of that I've been fortunate enough to have visited quite a few different places both abroad as well as in Canada and the US where there's always been a lingering question in the back of my mind: "Would I want to Retire here?"

This curiosity about the world and its different locations has stemmed out of one year when I lived abroad in Asia on an island near Taiwan. While living there I realized that where you live is entirely up to you - there's no rule that says you need to stay put in one place, and if there's something that's missing from your life at your current location you can probably find a place that offers you everything you want.

"Be sure to visit my website and bookmark it as I am
constantly adding a variety of topics concerning
new places - giving you the best information
to help you find Your Ideal Place to Retire!

The best is Yet to Come!

In the words of Norman Vincent Peale:

“Live your life and forget your age”

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