Best States to Retire
Where Will It Be?

Searching for the best state to Retire encompasses
many challenges

There seems to be a debate emerging as to which states offer the most benefits to its newly arrived retirees.

As you approach retirement, you no doubt have been trying to determine which state to choose based on your own criteria. In order to assist you in this endeavor, let’s take a look at the many areas of concern you may be focused on as you prepare to embark on a new life in a new state.

For some of you, retirement has become the focal point of your life. Whether you have a few months or a few years left in your working career, the excitement of moving to a new place can be both exhilarating and scary at the same time. If you have planned appropriately, you may be able to live out your life in a place you’ve longed to be. You have worked hard, saved, invested; and now have the opportunity to retire comfortably.

Searching for best states to retire encompasses many challenges. Does it offer affordable housing? Is the crime rate low? Does the state have top quality health facilities? Are there enough recreational activities to enjoy? Does the state have a variety of landscapes conducive to your lifestyle? How is the year round climate? What is the medium age? Does the state have cultural and historic value? These are just some of the questions you may have on your list

Well the good news is that there are a myriad of states which not only fit your criteria, but in which you can afford-ably and safely relocate to after you retire. While it will take some time to research the best state to retire, you can be assured you will find the place of your dreams. To this end, out of the 15 places currently being discussed, here are the top two states that might interest you: North Carolina and Virginia. Are these on your list?

Travel to another state or another country, spend a week at a well known resort, vacations are perfect opportunities to explore potential to find the Ideal Place to Retire to.

Retire to Oregon State

Retire to Oregon and you will immediately develop a love for this state’s historic and cultural heritage in either the capitol city of Salem, or the beloved city of Eugene. Both cities are unsurpassed in providing an atmosphere that is both environmentally friendly and beautiful as well as being touted as the gateway to arts and cultural attractions while remaining true to its heritage and inviting way of life. Retire to Oregon and see.

Retire to California

Retire to California located on the West Coast along the Pacific Ocean. It is known for its beautiful beaches; majestic mountains and scenic deserts. In the middle of the state lies the Central Valley, a 400 miles stretch from north to south, California's most productive agricultural heartland which grows approximately one-third of the nation's food. More reasons to retire to California.

Retire to Washington State

Retire to Washington StateRetire to Washington State where the great outdoors
is a way of life. It has some of the most scenic and pristine vistas, hiking trails and outdoor recreational opportunities in the country With year-round-green scenery, it’s no wonder why Washington State has a reputation as a great place to live or retire.

Retire in Montana

As you think about settling down, retire in Montana for the open space of the American west. Montana isn’t crowded and you have your choice of the mountains, deserts or the plains. Montana offers snowmobile tours and you’ll even see a buffalo crossing or two. The beauty of life makes your decision to retire in Montana worth considering.

Retiring in Florida

Retiring in Florida, you're drawn to the sunshine and sandy beaches. There are so many golf courses; there is practically one on every corner. There's also many options of areas to live. You’ll have your choice of the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the Gulf of Mexico to the west or Inland.

Retiring in Texas

Texas has friendly people and a slower pace of life that is easy to get used to. Texas is the 7th most popular state for retirement so it is no wonder there are many great reasons for retiring in Texas: low costs, plenty of space, warm weather, exciting cities and charming small towns.

Retiring to Arizona

Arizona is located in the southwestern region of the country. When retiring to Arizona, the number of activities will seem endless. Your first destination should be one of the seven natural wonders of the world, The Grand Canyon, carved by the Colorado River in Northern Arizona.

Retire in Missouri

Retire in Missouri where the state mirrors the demographic, economic and political makeup of the nation with a mix of urban and rural culture. The climate is humid-continental, influenced by the Gulf of Mexico and from the northwest. The summers are hot and humid with winters a bit milder in the south.

Retire in Colorado

When you think of Colorado, you think of skiing and other winter outdoor activities. If you choose to retire in Colorado you also have world-class hiking in the Eldorado Canyon and lively downtown centers with cafes, restaurants and shopping.

Retire in Arkansas

Retire in Arkansas for the diverse geography, with mountainous regions of the Ozarks and to the eastern lowlands is the mighty Mississippi River. If you enjoy a slower pace but still want to be active, Arkansas is your destination.

Retire to Idaho State

Idaho is one of the Rocky Mountains states with abundant natural resources and scenic areas. The state has snow-capped mountain ranges, forests, White Water Rivers, Natural sand dunes, Mountain hot springs, and plenty of Wildernesses. It attracts many outdoors oriented active adults over 55.

Retire to North Carolina

Retire to North Carolina

You may want to consider North Carolina as one of the best states to retire. Noted for its high quality health facilities, climate, cultural and recreational amenities, this area has been touted as the best place for those in or nearing retirement.


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Retire to Virginia

Retire to Virginia

Due to its cultural and historical importance, Virginia is one of the best states to retire. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains and combining museums, historic sites, and offering a wide range of cultural activities; Virginia is considered to be a place where one’s quality of life will ultimately become enhanced.


Retire to Florida

Retire to Florida

Retire to Florida as one of the best states you may consider. It has some of the best beaches in the world; you'll have your choice of gulf water or ocean water. Disney World and Universal Studios are two of the many popular theme parks in Florida. Because of its generally warm climate it is nicknamed the "Sunshine State".


Retire to Georgia

Retire to Georgia and find two cities in which have been chosen fortheir warm climate and scenic beauty: St. Mary’s and Savannah. St.Mary’s is one of two fishing ports near to beaches and waterways.

Retire to Minnesota

retire to minnesota

One of the most ideal places to retire to is Minnesota. Ranking tops on major lists for the "Best Place for Singles" to "The Cleanest City in the Nation," it is no wonder many people are flocking to this state. With an abundance of parks and lakes as well as a myriad of activities available during all seasons of the year, add Minnesota to your list.

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