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These articles of interest, some of which I have introduced under “Retirement Tips” are just the beginning of a dialogue that is necessary and timely.

I hope you have found “Ideal Places to Retire” helpful in your transition.

However, it occurred to me that there are a variety of topics I can add to my site that can be of interest to you.

The information I provide will hopefully leave you more informed and ready to take the next step on the path to finding the Ideal Place to Retire.


I searched the web to share with you meaningful
articles from around the country especially for the
2009 Christmas and holiday season


The new Archbishop of New Orleans, Gregory Aymond,
delivers a Christmas message of peace and love


Billy Jeffrey has been a "Christmas Story" fan since the first time he saw the movie as a boy in Idaho. Read the Story here


First lady Michelle Obama, daughters and Bo visit young patients Children's National Medical Center. Bo was the Celebrity


"Once in a blue moon.:" is an idiom, an expression that has figurative meaning. The term "blue moon" is commonly used to describe the rarity of an event a Blue Moon for New Year Eve



Retirement Tips for the current Economy

Will I ever be able to retire?

Determine what your credit score is

Retirement and financial planner

Retire to Good Health



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