Retire to College Towns

Why retire to college towns? There are several reasons why you should consider the idea as they are fast becoming the ideal place to retire! One, most urban college offer affordable housing.

Second, there are more cultural activities and events which you can participate in. Third, the top college towns have seen a rise in the relocation of retirees who probably are moving from the big city life and prefer the atmosphere of quaint neighborhoods, friendly people, and beautiful landscapes.

Across the nation, an increasing number of people are retiring to college towns. The atmosphere is extremely attractive to retirees, there are some colleges which offer superb cuisine on beautiful campuses which are conducive to seniors who wish to expand their knowledge, teach, or enjoy the amenities college campuses tend to offer.

And a collegiate environment has even more appeal in the new era of retirement, in which it's increasingly important to continue expanding your skills and knowledge base well beyond traditional retirement age. Many universities have responded by creating academic courses specifically for seniors.

While living in a big city has its advantages, a college town is an ideal place to retire due its aesthetic value, its historic settings, arts and entertainment, and a host of activities available year round.

You get a little bit of everything if you retire in a college town--cultural activities, athletic events, educational opportunities, and excellent medical facilities--which make them perfect places to retire. It's no wonder that they are becoming some of our most popular retirement destinations.

Oxford, Mississippi

retire to oxford, college town

Retire to Oxford, Mississippi, the city that has been touted as the best retirement community by the Mississippi Hometown Retirement Program. With a population of approximately 12,000, Oxford offers retirees all of the amenities one looks for to enhance their lifestyle, including: recreation, performing arts, museums, and quaint neighborhoods which not only are the epitome of Southern hospitality, but are among the many benefits you can enjoy when you retire to Oxford, Mississippi.

Bloomington, Indiana

Retire to College Towns

Retire to Bloomington, Indiana and you will be surrounded by three lakes, three state parks, and two state forests. Nature lovers will become mesmerized by the beauty of Indiana National Forest as well. This lovely city not only has a variety of recreational activities, but is well known for its beautiful fall foliage as well as its “blooming” spring.

Among the wide variety of amenities available to you, including America’s most beautiful campus that is Indiana University, but also the Fine Arts Plaza which is the home of the famous sculpture “Birth of Venus.”

Austin, Texas

retire to Austin

You will undoubtedly be hearing a lot about Austin, Texas in the near future. Voted as one of the top 25 places to live, due to its affordable housing, you may want to retire to Austin, Texas and enjoy the possibilities of purchasing a home for around $70,000. While home sales are declining, this may be a perfect time to retire to Austin and take advantage of the housing market as well its surrounding areas.

Madison, Wisconsin

retire to Madison

An ideal place to retire, Madison is a cosmopolitan city and was voted the “Second Best Small City to Live” to live in. It is also the second largest city in the state of Wisconsin. Only 80 miles west of Milwaukee, it has four lakes, over 200 parks, and is fast becoming the leader in biotechnology.

Knoxville, Tennessee

Among its early inhabitants were the Cherokee Indians, who lived in the Great Smoky Mountains until the late 1500’s when Europeans settled here. This beloved park boasts 510 thousand acres of beauty and its plant life is most diversified. Only 45 minutes from Knoxville, you can become intertwined with nature and all its scenic wonder.

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