For Stress-free environment
Retire to Panama

Retire to Panama and find out why it has become one
of the world’s top countries to retire to.

Retire to Panama

Known for its deep sea fishing; river rafting; and its beautiful rain forest, this country has a cultural and historical background unmatched by any other country.

More and more people are choosing this country to retire to because of its friendly people; affordable housing; its environment; amenities; and climate. In fact, according to AARP, “Panama is the fourth best retirement destination in the world.”

Suited for every taste imaginable; from its trendy capital to beautiful beaches; from cool mountain climates to tropical resorts; this is one place you need to check out. Panama has been touted as one of the easiest places in which one can make the transition to retirement. With its stress-free environment, Panama offers retirees an affordable avenue once considered strictly for the wealthy.

With its low crime rate and low cost of living compared to other countries or retirement places; it is clear that if you retire to Panama, the cost-effectiveness of moving and maintaining residence should be a consideration.

From its no tax policy to incentive programs, you may want to research all that Panama has to offer. In addition, because there is such a high interest in relocating to Panama, now is the time to “get your foot in the door” and reap the benefits. As a matter of record, the cost of living in Panama is lower than the US and even lower than Western Europe. Complete with all of the amenities you will need, which by the way are quite low in cost as well.

Panama City is akin to Manhattan in that it has high rise buildings which oversee the rain forest. Complete with five star restaurants; entertainment; sports; shopping; malls; yacht clubs; and recreational sports; and its view of the Bridge of the Americas – there is nothing here that is lacking for retirees.

If you are thinking of countries to retire to; make a “retire to Panama” check list. There are many avenues you can explore and benefits associated with this country. Research and find out why so many people are moving to this country.

The rain forests of Panama in Central America harbor unparalleled biodiversity and have provided a rain forest corridor for animal and plant migration between the two great American Continents. CREA has been protecting and restoring rain forests in Central America for over 4 years.
It is also highly active in the field of research and education.
Find more about CREA organization.

Panama Specific Information

Americans traveling abroad should regularly monitor
the U.S. Embassy Panama website

Effective December 31, 2009, military retirees will no longer receive
mail services at the Diplomatic Post Office (DPO) in Panama City.
Click here for information from American Citizens Services

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