Retire to Australia

Retire to Australia and be immersed in its natural beauty; its various landscapes; and its cultural and historic amenities. From the Sydney Opera House; to the Crocodile Hunter’s



Retire to Australia

Famous Croc Center; to the Blue Mountains of New South Wales to Adelaide; Australia has it all. Great food; friendly people; outdoor recreational activities; and beauty which is unsurpassed in any other country, its diverse population lends itself to the uniqueness that is Australia.

If you retire to Australia, you may want to visit the Blue Mountains in New South Wales. It is noted for its historic towns such as Katoomba and Leura, and is quite affordable. Most impressive are its two natural wonders; The Three Sisters and Echo Point.

Sydney‘s capital, Canberra, is a must see on your list. Encompassing the Parliament House, the War Memorial, and the Australian Art Gallery, this is a city worth a visit. Love wine? Well then Hunter Valley is the place to visit wherein you will see historic towns, Australia’s many vineyards, and scenery which will leave you breathless.

There are many interesting cities to visit in Australia;last, but certainly not least, is Adelaide, the capital of South Australia which has the largest population of 1.1 million people. The Mediterranean climate, combined with the lowest house prices of any of Australia's major state capitals, guarantees plenty of interest.

You don't have to travel far from the city for a memorable encounter with wildlife. South Australia is a wildlife wonderland - and you can get close to our amazing animals on the Adelaide Wildlife Trail; cuddle a koala, potter about with potoroos or watch a wallaby - all within an hour of Adelaide.

Whether you choose Sydney or Adelaide, or any of the outlying cities; hop over for a more in-depth look at what life would be like if you were to pack up and move down-under. Check out the fabulous Australia Articles that go into topics like cost of living, housing, food, culture, weather, medical services. The information on this site, Retiring Overseas, will help you see why retire to Australia is the ideal place.

Sydney, Australia


Retire to Sydney and live amidst the largest cosmopolitan city that is New South Wales. Set on one of the most beautiful harbors in the world, Sydney is known for its incredible beaches; shopping; restaurants; culture and history; the famous Sydney Opera House; The Rocks; the white sands of Bondi; and the Harbor Bridge.

Adelaide, Australia

retire to adelaide

Retire to Adelaide if you are looking for a place which is laid back, it offers affordable housing; a sunny, warm, Mediterranean climate with low humidity; lovely beaches; pleasant suburbs with easy traffic; an exciting variety of excellent, inexpensive places to dine; attractive and scenic national parks around the city; this is the place to go. Touted as a city with the highest number of retirees living there, Adelaide has over one million people who are enjoying a relaxed lifestyle.

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