Retire to Adelaide, Australia
Enjoy a Relaxed Lifestyle

Retire to Adelaide

If you are looking for a place which is laid back, retire to Adelaide. It offers just enough amenities to provide comfort. With the highest number of retirees living there, Adelaide has over one million people who enjoy the warm climate and a relaxed lifestyle.

In fact, a quarter of its residents comes from overseas. This diversity lends itself to the Adelaide’s large town atmosphere, yet filled with open space and parkland.

Its streets are wide and everyone has a place to park their cars! (Hear that, New York!)

Adelaide's city center has been well planned and is made up of a grid of streets and various squares. Being only one mile square makes it extremely accessible. The parklands surrounding the city offer splendid walks and picnics in idyllic settings.

Most areas in Adelaide are pleasant to live in, varying in price and character depending on location. The houses are often been built on generous sized plots. Dining is abundant in Adelaide as well. Rundle Street is filled with restaurants, as is the Central Market area where you can find Asian, Italian, Greek and Australian fare.

If Adelaide is your cup of tea, add it to your list of ideal places to retire!

Adelaide has been called 'the city of churches' although today
they are outnumbered by pubs and nightclubs.
Click here to read its unusual history.

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