Affordable Housing in Long Island is Attainable for All

Long Island is a great retirement destination because of the affordable housing options. When you begin your search for a home, you should first consider the type of area you would like to live in - do you want to live in a highly populated area or do you prefer a building with only a few residents? What amenities would like in your new home

Condominiums and Houses

If you are looking at condominiums, you should consider if you want a two story or one story with a garage or carport. Ask yourself similar questions if you are interested in a house. Do you want a one story or two, with or without a basement? Would you like an attached garage or a carport and what size yard do you prefer?

Maybe a retirement community is more to your liking. Affordable housing in Long Island specifically for senior citizens could encompass a full care nursing home, independent living with shared meals, or individual homes within a retiree community.


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Think about your budget. If you lease, finding affordable housing in Long Island can be easy if you consider areas with rent control. However, also consider rent increases in your plans. If you choose to purchase a home, you need to consider how you will finance the mortgage. Rent to buy is another great option provided the seller is willing to work with you and the contract is favorable to you. This option will allow you to find a home without the financial impact of a traditional mortgage

Your Options

There are numerous communities with affordable housing in Long Island. Here are a few options:

o James Varick Affordable Homes – 102 units with three elevator-equipped buildings and condominiums for residents over 55 years of age

o Jacobs Hill – 16 duplexes, each with three-bedrooms to own or two-bedroom rental units

o Smith-Shite Senior Residence – 65-unit, nine story building funded by the NYS Housing Trust Fund Program, Federal Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program

o Scotts Ridge – Located in Pound Ridge, two buildings on six acres with natural landscaping and easy accessibility

o Meadow Ridge II – 52 affordable rental units for low-income senior citizens, recently winning an award from New York State Association of Affordable Housing for “Project of the Year Award”

o Rockville Centre Apartments – the two-story facility has new roofs, heating systems, kitchens, baths, windows and energy efficient insulation

o Brookview Commons-Deer Park – 206 two-story rental units; 26 garden-style buildings; the complex includes a clubhouse, walking paths and a recreation center

o Jenny’s Garden II – in a rural area once a family farm has been transformed into 22 rental housing units for seniors; each until has its own veranda

o Pollack Gardens – originally a family lodge and hotel converted into housing for 50 individuals with special needs

o Rochester Civic Housing – the 60-year old Rochester Civic Housing – affordable housing in Long Island at its best, has received a $13.5 million facelift and now consists of 516 units in 54 town houses with new windows, roofs, kitchens and baths.

It’s In Your Hands

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In a nutshell, affordable housing in Long Island consists of senior housing, family housing and housing for persons with disabilities. The senior housing is for the elderly and it is customized to fit the residents’ needs. Family housing is offered through Volunteers of America and various size homes are available. The housing options for persons with disabilities function in both design and operational aspects to accommodate both physical and mental disabilities.

Affordable housing in Long Island comes in many forms and with a little research and budgeting, you can find a home within your means.

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