Best Countries to Retire in

You are curious, which are the best countries to retire in, well that will depend on who you ask. It depends on who you ask. First and foremost, what is consider ʺbestʺ and in whose opinion. What is thought of as best to one person may be the opposite of another person.

Best Countries to Retire in

ʺBestʺ means excellent; to the highest degree or outstanding.

Best Attributes

When determining the best countries to retire to, you need to identify what is important to you. You should prioritize this list to necessitate your needs:

  • Language – do you prefer to live in a country that does or does not speak your language; would you mind if your language was the secondary language spoken; or maybe you are interested in learning in a new language.

  • Finances – when determining the best countries to retire in, there are several financial factors you want to keep in mind:

    • Bank account – do you need a bank where you live or with direct deposit of payroll, ATMs, and online banking, do you even need a local bank

    • How will you receive your pension, draw against your investments or collect rent payments for your rental property

    • The economy of the country – if there is a high unemployment rate, you’ll find abandoned houses and possibly a higher crime rate

    • Can you afford to live in the country comfortably

  • Social – what are your interest; if you prefer outdoor activities such as:

    Best Countries to Retire in

    • Mountain biking

    • Hiking

    • Skiing – water or snow

    • Walking

    • Golfing

    • Camping

    • Fishing

    • Boating

  • Medical – do you need any special medical care or access to medications

  • Transportation – do you want to drive everywhere or would you prefer public transportation, whether it’s railway, bus or cab

  • Safety – as mentioned above, if the unemployment rate is high, there is always the risk of more crimes; is the political environment safe or is there turmoil

When determining the best countries to retire in, make your list of needs and wants, this will help you narrow down the options.

Best Countries to Retire in Examples

Once you have your list of what is most important to you, here are a few options of the best countries to retire in for you to consider:


Ecuador is one of the countries in South America considered one of the best countries to retire in for its low cost of living and the moderate climate, with warm days and cool evenings. Although there is a rainy season, it doesn’t ruminate gloomy in Ecuador.

Best Countries to Retire in

Although located in a third world country, Ecuador isn’t all dirt roads and roaming sheep and chickens. Ecuador has 24 provinces, each have a distinctive culture with a rich indigenous heritage along the Pacific coastline to the west.

When you decide Ecuador is one of the best countries to retire in, a few of the features include:

  • Horseback riding

  • Jungle trips

  • Bridge jumping

  • Hiking

  • Mountain biking

  • River rafting

  • Rock climbing

If all of this isn’t enough to draw you to Ecuador, there are 70 volcanos; multiple beaches; dozens of jungles and rainforests with over 4,000 butterfly species.

Although there are poverty stricken communities in this third world country, you’ll find most of the provinces have clean streets; great shopping and the animals are behind a fence.

The U.S. dollar is the official currency. You can easily live comfortably on a budget of $700-$1,000 monthly. You can spend another $200 per month for house cleaning if you would like. There is a colonial charm, with cobblestone streets and dozens of cathedrals no matter which province you select.


Nicaragua is another option for the best countries to retire in for its affordability. You can purchase beachfront property along the Pacific coast and the cost of living has remained low.

With a monthly budget of $1,400, you can live comfortably and enjoy the surroundings without worrying about your finances. You can hire a full-time housekeeper for less than $200 per month. An apartment rents for approximately $500 per month.

Best Countries to Retire in

There is a new and improved foreign retiree residency program for those wanting to relocate to Nicaragua. One town, referred to as a department or state by the local government) to consider is Leόn, home to almost 180,000 people.

Another state filled with churches, a few include:

  • Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption

  • Church La Merced

  • Church El Calvario

  • Ruins of the Church of San Sebastiάn

  • Church of Zaragoza

There are also historical sites and museums. Leόn is east of the Pacific Ocean and is rich in agriculture with sugar cane, peanuts and sorghum as its primary income source.

Leόn was once buried by an eruption of one of the volcanos over 400 years ago.

Nicaragua is one of the best countries to retire in with its beachfront property, affordability and rich history.

What to Bring

No matter where you decide is the best countries to retire in, remember these tips:

  • In many countries, larger shoe and clothing sizes are not available. Be prepared to bring enough clothes and shoes to hold you over until you are able to shop for new items.

  • Make sure you have an avenue to obtain your prescriptions or bring enough to last until you go home for a visit and can pick up more.

  • Bring your DVD or VCR and plenty of movies. Depending on where you live, you may not have access to rentals.

You may not want to bring your computer. Computers are fairly cheap in most countries and don’t pay the expense of shipping your car. It would be less expensive to purchase a vehicle once you are settled.

The best countries to retire in are spread all over the world. Using your list if criteria, you’ll narrow down your choices to a more reasonable number. You should consider visiting any country you are considering before you move there to help you determine if it is the best option for you.

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