Best Country to Retire for Everyone

Since everyone’s opinion for the best country to retire will differ, narrow your options to a management number based on the most important aspects of your life. Think about your accessibility preferences, do you prefer walking to the local market or hopping in the car to pick up a carton of milk. If you have any unique needs, such as a prescription, does the local pharmacy have your medication?

How affordable is the country and what is the quality of life? If the country has tourist’s attractions as a primary industry, the price of necessities may be inflated. Consider if the country’s economy is in a downward spiral, which could change the spirit of the community with foreclosures and boarded up businesses.

Climate and Cuisine

retirement cuisine

Everyone has a favorite climate, whether it’s hot, humid and sunny, a mountain breeze or the change of the seasons. Choosing the best country to retire should include your weather preferences. Almost everyone is a picky eater in some respect. Consider your eating choices. Every country will offer the local food in restaurants and groceries. If you have food allergies or have picky taste buds, this may be one of your most important decision factors in choosing the best country to retire.

Consider the dialect. If your native tongue isn’t the primary language of the country, consider how you will communicate; maybe your language is taught in the school system as a second language. Your faith may be a crucial point for you. If you have a specific theological belief, confirm your faith is practiced in the country you are considering.

One of the hottest topics today is healthcare. The country you choose will need to accommodate your healthcare needs, such as specialist and access. Some countries have socialized medicine which may mean a six month wait for an appointment. If you have allergies you may need weekly allergy shots or if you are a diabetic make sure you have access to insulin.

Lifestyle, this is the most fun aspect of choosing the best country to retire. Whether you are a golfer, prefer safaris, or ancient ruins face paced or remote and quiet, the best country to retire should meet your lifestyle plans.

Your Safety and the Political Stability

You don’t want to move to a country with riots or political instability. Your choice for the best country to retire should be safe and easy to travel. Also make sure you know if a retirement visa or other protocol for living in a foreign country is required.

Using the criteria listed above for selecting the best country to retire, ten countries were selected: Austria, Belgium, France and Germany.

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AustriaCold Winters/Mild SummersViennese CuisineGermanCatholicismGenerous Social SystemMusic, Winter & Water Sports
BelgiumMild Winters/ Cool SummersFrench quality with German QuantitiesFrench GermanCatholicismFinanced by the Govt.Primarily Business Activity
FranceCool Winters/ Mild SummersHealthy CuisineFrenchCatholicismFinanced by the Govt.Historic, Tropical & Religious
GermanyCool to Cold Year RoundPotato is a StapleGermanOrthodox ChristianityFinanced by the Govt.Art, History & Religion
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