Best Place to Retire Overseas – the World is Your Oyster

Your choice for the best place to retire overseas means moving anywhere outside the 48 contiguous states is considered overseas, even Alaska and Hawaii. You might want to live even further away if you are interested in expanding your experiences outside of the U.S.

If you are considering a move to one of the best places to retire overseas, you need to do your homework.

Define Best

When you think about the best places to retire overseas, you will need to decide what the word best means to you. Here are the most logical and impactful pivotal factors for you to think about:

  • Your finances – do you have a fixed income which means you need a low to moderate cost of living destination

  • Your health – do you need easy access to fill prescriptions or visit the doctor

  • Transportation – if you plan to fly on a regular basis, whether to visit your grandchildren or taking trips, you’ll want an airport close by

  • Entertainment – what are your hobbies and interest and are those easily accessed

  • Lifestyle – do you prefer a slower pace or do you like living in a large city or a high tourism location

  • Terrain – do you prefer beaches and an ocean front home or is living in the mountains with a view of the snow covered peak more to your liking

  • Climate – do you prefer hot and dry; hot and humid; or having a distinctive change of seasons more your mode

    Best Place to Retire Overseas

    When considering the best place to retire overseas, you may have other considerations that are important to you. Take your list and rank from most important to least important.

    For example:

    1st Finances

    2nd Climate

    3rd Medical Care

    4th Entertainment

    5th Lifestyle

    6th Transportation

    7th Terrain

    If this was your list, the best place to retire overseas needs to have a low cost of living with hot temperatures. It doesn’t matter if it’s humid or dry, you don’t have any allergies.

    Although you aren’t ill, you don’t want to live so rural as to be an hour or two drive to the closest doctor’s office.

    Your favorite pastimes are book clubs, swimming and nature walks. You’ll want to live in a big enough town where there is at least one bookstore, a swimming pool in your neighborhood and nearby parks.

    Although the quality of life is important, you don’t have a preference as to the surroundings of the community where you live.

    You aren’t going to travel much and having visitors will be seldom, you won’t need an airport close by and although you like to take nature walks, you don’t have a preference between sandy beaches or hills and valleys.

    Your list may differ but the idea is the same. By identifying what is most important to you, you’ll have an easier time in finding your best place to retire overseas.

    Where is the Best Place to Retire Overseas

    Since the world is your oyster, you’ll have your choice of the best place to retire overseas.


    Located in the southern portion of South America, you’ll have the Atlantic Ocean bordering east Argentina. The dominant language spoken is Spanish with some Italian influence.

    The Spanish spoken in Argentina is different from that of Spain and Central America. Even some of the words spoken in Argentina Spanish are considered insulting to those other Spanish speaking countries.

    Best Place to Retire Overseas

    Make sure you are fluent in the Argentina Spanish language or know the differences in the dialect.

    It’s hot in the summers and cold in the winters; although you’ll find some regions have extreme temperatures throughout the day. If you choose Argentina as your best place to retire overseas, you’ll quickly get in the habit of dressing in layers.

    One important note, the seasons are opposite in Argentina if you are used to the Northern Hemisphere.

    You’ll have your choice of bus or train, although the bus system is the preferred method of transportation. The bus network is high-quality and food is even served for longer distances.

    The only highways in Argentina are near the larger cities and most of the road connections are two-lane roads.

    The most popular city is Buenos Aires, but there are some great mid-size options in Argentina.

    For example, Cuyo is in the desert, with hot and dry in the summer and cold and dry in the winter. The other seasons aren’t as consistent. The spring and autumn goes back and forth throughout each season with hot and dry, then cold, then back to extremely high temperatures.


    Austria is the best place to retire overseas. Located in central Europe, the native language spoken is German. Similar in size to Scotland, the country is politically stable.

    Best Place to Retire Overseas

    Lifestyle in Austria includes:

    • Almost 100 ski resorts for you to partake in a day of skiing on the Alps

    • Visiting the Museumsquartier with over 60,000 square feet of museums and quant cafes for resting your feet and enjoying a cup of coffee

    • Family farms with dairy, beef or lamb

    • Strong Catholic tradition

    • Low cost of living

    • Strong family ties and traditions

    • Education is free from K to a four year college degree

    When you consider Austria the best place to retire overseas, you will enjoy the view of the snow topped mountains. Remember the scenes in the movie, The Sound of Music and you will be able to picture what your retirement life would be.


    Ghana is the best place to retire overseas. Ghana is located in West Africa with the Atlantic Ocean its southern border. There is a rainy season and a dry season, March through July is rainy and the remainder of the year is dry.

    Castles align the coast and there is a tranquil ambiance never experienced before in this country. The government has experienced a peaceful transfer of power and the military is no longer prevalent.

    The Ghanaians are friendly and welcome foreigners to their homeland.

    Ghana is the best place to retire overseas for its entertainment and Ghanaians beliefs. For example, the festivals are symbolic and is how the locals give thanks and maintain the link between the living and the dead

    English is the dominant language but there is also a local dialect. Ghana has a decent health service.

    Do Your Homework

    When you are researching the best place to retire overseas, make sure you know how welcoming the country is to foreigners.

    The tax laws will vary drastically from country to country and you should be comfortable with your surroundings. You want to live in safe environment. Lastly, make sure the health care meets your needs for now and in the future.

    Bon Voyage!

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