Election November 2008
"Change has come to America"

Election November 2008, History in the Making.
It's been called the most significant election of a lifetime

With his two young daughters and wife standing close beside him, Obama addressed a cheering audience in Chicago, Ill.

Regardless of whom you supported in the Election, now is the time for us all to come together. We have elected a new President who hopefully will use all of his strengths and abilities to lead all of the American people into a future of prosperity and security

The economy mattered above all else, with millions facing foreclosures on their homes, joblessness rising and Americans tallying the losses in their retirement accounts after a stock market plunge.

The race was easily the costliest in history, in excess of $1 billion, more after the congressional campaigns were counted.

Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain, have been crisscrossing the country making a last minute appeal to supporters to vote on Tuesday, November 4th. The candidates are fighting the final round of the campaign almost exclusively on Republican turf.

"The Mac is back," McCain told supporters, "and we're going to win this election, my friends".

"Senator Obama said early in the day in Tampa. "I'm running to make everyone successful. This is the fundamental difference between Senator McCain and me."

Barack Obama has run a race that transcended race, but the coverage kept returning to his achievement in being the first African American elected president. The joyful throngs in Chicago and Times Square confirmed this remarkable moment.

After countless months of debates, campaigns and drama, a conclusion was finally reached last night, November 4th, in the 2008 presidential election when Barack Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States.

Barack Obama elected president of the United States

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