Historic Triangle Home
of Colonial America

Situated on the Virginia Peninsula is The Historic Triangle, which includes the communities of Williamsburg, Yorktown and Jamestown.

There are many attractions within these communities, historic attractions that are often frequented by tourists from all over the world.

In 1607 the English settled in Jamestown, and it is considered to be their first permanent settlement, it offers an attraction called the Jamestown Festival Park. It recreates the Native American village as it was in the past, along with Colonial Fort, which still has work being done with regards to development.

These attractions are considered great for the family as it takes you through the entire history. For example, the Jamestown Festival Park has a history museum that includes ship replicas. It’s really a fun attraction, along with being extremely educational.

Williamsburg was called Middle Plantation and this was the capital of Virginia until it was renamed to honor King William III. It was very active and lively for quite sometime until the American Revolution took place. In 1780 the capital of Virginia changed once more, and Williamsburg lost its activity and seemed to be pretty much forgotten for quite some time. With the help of Reverend Goodwin and John D Rockefeller Jr., new life was breathed into Williamsburg and it was restored to its old stature. Now, Colonial Williamsburg has a large museum of the early years of American life.

The third part of the Historic Triangle is Yorktown and this is significant for it is the point at which George Washington won the war ending the American Revolution. General Cornwallis surrendered there in 1781. In recent times, you’ll now find two tourist attractions which include the waterfront and the battlefield drives.

All three locations have significant areas that are fun and enjoyable for the entire family, and is a perfect location for a family to visit. Its historic relevance and the recreation and preservation of the areas bring to life how things were back in history during the American Revolution. What most interesting about the Historic Triangle is the great lengths that each community has taken to ensure their preservation for others to try to relive the important past.

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