What it's Like to Retire in Mexico

Honestly, the idea to retire in Mexico wasn't really on my radar personally. I'd heard the same stories that you likely have about it being a dangerous place, and also with its proximity to the States and Canada I was more interested in Mexico's more exotic neighbors like Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

Here are Some Thoughts After House Hunting in Mexico

After spending a bit more than a month in Mexico in 2011, I would now strongly consider moving there. One of the biggest factors is that it is fairly developed compared to the neighboring countries listed above, and it’s also quite easy to get a flight from your home country to most choice destinations in Mexico.

House prices, with the current economic situation, are quite reasonable, and you’ll surely get a lot more house in Mexico than you will back home.

On the flip side of that, if you are looking to rent and save on costs - that is also a possibility, though if you look online, you are likely going to see heavily inflated costs for renting compared to what you will be able to find if you spend some time down there looking for a place.

Why are Rental in Mexico More Expensive Online?

I imagine the same thing is true for many countries and that there are a lot more houses and apartments for rent than what you will find online if you are able to look on the ground. There are also a number of expats who would love to rent their houses, but aren’t willing to rent to just anyone, so you’ll need to actually meet them in order to uncover these secret rentals.

The Food is So Great!

After cleaning up my eating to improve my health, I’ve found that the local diet in Mexico to be very healthy and tasty. Pico de Gallo, which is basically diced onion, tomato, cilantro and lime juice is a staple food there and is so enjoyable that I’ve started including it with many meals as a side dish since returning home.

If Taco Bell is your experience of what Mexican food is like, if you choose to retire in Mexico you’ll find that the food here is quite different than the fast food chains in North America. Likewise, there are also regional cuisines which is quite tasty for example the pleasantly spiced hot chocolate that is a specialty of Oaxaca City.

Great Health Care Options

While on a real estate tour we asked about the local facilities in Puerto Escondido, and were quite surprised to hear of a personal account where a retired woman had broken her leg, and had received medical treatment in Mexico that she considered far superior to what she would have gotten back in her home town of Toronto, Canada.

This story may not be true of all areas, so you will have to ask around before you take the plunge and retire in Mexico, but don’t be surprised to have access to far more health services than you would back home.

Some Final Thoughts on Retiring in Mexico

So, after initially not considering Mexico as a potential retirement destination, it’s now one of the top picks in my book, and I would suggest that you dig a little deeper into this amazing country and see if it offers the things that are most important to you in your own retirement. Happy hunting!

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