Retire to Athens, Georgia

Retire to Athens, Georgia

Retire to Athens, Georgia, this city is nestled amid the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, you'll discover a vibrant city boasting of rich southern culture and friendly neighborhoods.Athens is near Atlanta, but does not have the hassles you would expect in a larger city. Whether you are interested in history, sports, shopping, entertainment or nature, you'll find a Masterpiece in Athens.

Athens, home to the University of Georgia, has a population of 102,700 people. It is both distinctive and comfortable.

Anyone over 62 can take classes at the University of George for free. Learning in Retirement, a local non profit organization, utilizes professors to teach classes ranging from foreign relations to geology.

Two highly regarded hospitals are within five miles of the town center; three golf clubs sit just beyond the perimeter. Entertainment includes six local theaters, wine tasting center in the botanical gardens; and a music scene that supports a community orchestra..

For most retirees flocking to Athens, the affordability will be quite noticeable. Modest homes start at less than $150,000, and dinner for two at one of Athens' finer restaurants runs less than $50.

Sometimes it’s the little things one needs to be happy, healthy, and enjoy life to the fullest. While it may take time to become comfortable in your new setting, it seems quite evident that if you retire to Athens, Georgia it is really one town which will feel like home in no time at all. Here is more about Athens, Georgia

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