Retire to Boulder, Colorado


Voted the first choice as the ideal place to retire, no doubt retire to Boulder is one town you will certainly choose as your new retirement home. Boulder sits 5,430 feet above sea level and is surrounded by a greenbelt of city trails and open spaces.

It is best known for its natural beauty and outdoors recreation.Whether shopping at the Pearl Street Mall, University Hill, or Twenty Ninth Street retail center, you are sure to enjoy this mecca of diversity and popularity. With their year round arts and cultural festivities, including the Farmer’s Market, the annual Shakespearean Festival or the International Film Festival; you will never run out of places to see or things to do here.

Boulder share a rich lifestyle that is on the cutting edge for education, business, culture, recreation and physical activity.

Considered one is the best places to live, best known for its beauty, great lifestyle and genuine friendliness.

Check out Retire to Boulder online or at your local library and you will find what others have been saying is true – this is the ideal place to retire! Click here to learn more.

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