Retire to Las Cruces
New Mexico

For individuals who retire to Las Cruces, the city's breathtaking Organ Mountains; the New Mexico State University-sponsored cultural scene; and two state-of-the-art hospitals are just a few of the many benefits available.

What makes this city special is the genuine hospitality among individuals who relocate there and locals alike.The people are as friendly as can be, and more importantly, it is a stress-free city. In addition, there is inexpensive housing, and almost 300 days of sunshine a year.

Las Cruces warm climate and mild winters were perfect for year-round activities such as tennis, hiking, golf, and visiting attractions like the dunes of nearby White Sands National Monuments.

In fact, according to statistics, Las Cruces has boomed over the past ten years. Still, prices have stayed modest; new houses in a southwestern adobe style start around $200,000, while existing homes usually costs less.

Their college is the center of most local entertainment; from gallery talks to college football to a recent mariachi conference. Classes are available to seniors at a deep discount, and end up costing about $130 a semester. Retired faculty members help run a wide-ranging lecture series known as the Academy of Learning in Retirement

Some of the most popular sites are: Aguirre-Springs and San Augustin Pass, Dripping Springs Recreation Area Ft. Selden State Monument, Leasburg Dam State Park and Stahmann Farms. Other local attractions include Old Mesilla area and the Bicentennial Log Cabin. This city definitely deserves a look-see! it is rated as a cheapest places to retire.


The Aguirre Spring Campground is hugely popular as a picnic site on weekends and holidays. Located on the east side of Organ Mountains, east of Las Cruces offers hiking, camping, horseback riding and picnicking.


The City of Las Cruces has several facilities that provide educational and recreational programs to both newcomers and long time residents an opportunity to meet new people and socialize.

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