Retire to Lexington Virginia
Best Place for Single Seniors

Retire to Lexington Virginia one of the
great places for single seniors to retire.

Home to the Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson and Robert E. Lee, along with inventor Cyrus McCormick as well as Sam Houston;Besides its historic value, Lexington hosts a myriad of shopping centers, restaurants housed in restored buildings, and quaint but old fashioned lantern street lamps. It is home to Washington and Lee University, and the Virginia Military Institute.

Cultural and recreational events are abundant in this town, which include: the Lee Chapel, Stonewall Jackson's home and the George C. Marshall Research Foundation. Local educational institutions, such as Washington & Lee's Lenfest Performing Arts Center, provide lectures, concerts, art exhibits and athletic events. Moreover, the natural beauty of the area includes well known sites as: the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests; the Goshen Wildlife Management Area; and Little North Mountain Wildlife. In addition, there are more libraries and churches than in any other state.

Retire to Lexington, find that the downtown area offers a variety of dining opportunities, ranging from the informality of sandwiches and salads to more traditional full course meals of cozy pubs to restaurants in gracious antebellum buildings. You will also find a diversity of merchandise and services including several bookstores, antique and gift shops, clothing stores, and much more.

More importantly, what else can compare to the incredible beauty of the Shenandoah Mountains! You can even take a tour of the Shenandoah vineyards, and relax in a setting unsurpassed by its beauty and historic significance.

Take some time to research this wonderful city or perhaps take a trip and spend some time taking in all of the wonderful benefits Lexington, Virginia has to offer. You may come to the conclusion, as most visitors have, Lexington is one of the great places for senior singles to retire. Start packing!

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