Retire to Madison, Wisconsin

Retire to Madison and discover why this city is so appealing as the ideal place to retire? To begin with, the University is connected to Madison’s high-tech economy.

This college is among the top five colleges in the nation. In addition, this city is known for its dairy industry and Dane County is among the top ten counties considered most valuable for its corn, alfalfa, cattle, hogs, and dairy products.

Retire to Madison, Wisconsin – the most talked about city in the media, and you will have best of both worlds. Named after President Madison, where else can you live where every street is named for the signers of the Constitution? In addition, its parks and lakes offer an incredible array of recreational enjoyment, as well as its shopping, dining, and unsurpassed attractions.

The landscape in Madison is unique with its two lakes. With its four seasons, there are a myriad of activities you can engage in but, more importantly, it is the seasons that offer a kaleidoscope of color. The many parks provide activities such as basketball, volleyball, softball, horseshoes, and tennis. There are areas in the park where you can have picnics, or sit in front of a campfire, go hiking and fishing as well.

Madison is also a very affordable place to live. Having the lowest employment rate in the nation is also a plus for this grand city. Prices of homes range from $100,000 or more. There are many colonial and cape code-style homes and construction of new homes continues. Some provide a magnificent view of the surrounding lakes or rolling hills.

With its small town charm and city life, you will never run out of things to do. There is shopping galore, recreational activities, and restaurants that offer incredible ethnic cuisine. In fact, statistics site there are more restaurants in Madison than in any other city in the U.S.

Arts and entertainment is also abundant in Madison. For all you theater buffs, there is the Repertory Theater, the Opera and the Symphony which hosts productions at the Town Civic center. World class entertainment is on-going for residents of Madison.

Another reason why Madison is an ideal place to retire are the attractions it offers such as the Wollersheim Winery, the Circus World Museum, and the Wisconsin Dells, to name a few.

Madison also has the best educational institutions as well including the University of Wisconsin, Edgewood College, Technical College, and the Metropolitan School District, This city is an intellectual center for Wisconsin. Literally thousands of students along with the vibrant nature of these colleges all contribute to the area's spirit and zest for life.

Madison is the ideal place to retire to because it is a city that has the best colleges, a strong economy, and an abundance of recreational activities, affordable housing, and a high quality of life. Retire to Madison, it has been rated among the top ten best cities to retire. Remember, great things come in small packages

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