Retire to Smyrna Tennessee
Great Place for Single Seniors

Retire to Smyrna Tennessee, one of the top ten places for senior singles to consider. According to the folks who live in Smyrna, it is “the most wonderful place in the entire state to live; so welcoming and friendly.”

A reporter described Smyrna as a town where “You'll find yourself immersed in the peaceful glow of gold-tipped fields of corn and trees that autumn tinges with red, orange, and yellow in Smyrna, Tenn." Another Smyrna resident said, “This place is awesome! I think it has to be one of the most wonderful places in the entire state.” Finally, this resident wrote, “Smyrna is absolutely beautiful. I honestly think I have a little piece of paradise right here”. Retire to Smyrna, Tennessee ideal place for single seniors.

Smyrna originated in the mid 1800’s where farming was the main source of revenue, and plantations flourished. Most notably is the Sam Davis Home, which is the well-known landmark and has been designated as a historical site. It was the home of Sam Davis who gave up his life rather than give information to the Union soldiers during the Civil War.

Smyrna is the home of Stewart Air Force Base, which was home to over 2000 military personnel before it was shut down. Leaving the town with only a little over 3000 residents, it was thought the closing of the base would greatly affect the town, but it didn’t. Instead, the property was divided up and large companies moved in and created new jobs.

With a population of just over 30,000, Smyrna is not only historic, but a perfectly suited town that is ideal for single seniors. Its historic background including the aforementioned Sam Davis Plantation as well as their cultural activities, parks, shopping, and cuisine make this the perfect place to retire to.

As a single senior, choosing a place to retire that is not only affordable, but safe and offers a friendly community is surely a priority. As evidenced by the many comments of current residents, there is no doubt that retiring to Smyrna, Tennessee is a great places fo Single Seniors. Be sure to visit Smyrna Airport and Business Park, a primary gateway to Rutherford County, Tennessee. Read more.

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