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Known for its beautiful national parks, botanic gardens, and its gorgeous harbor, retire to Sydney and you will find a life filled with incredible landscapes; a history filled with culture and diversity; and suburbs which are known for their parks and tree-lined streets.

The city encompasses a metropolitan flair and is filled with vibrant and amenities which offer a variety of activities including: the Royal National Park which offers walking trails, and unspoiled beaches and is located south of Sydney at Botany Bay. Here, Captain James Cook anchored his ship in 1770.

The Blue Mountains is host to historic towns such as Katoomba, and include natural mountain formations such as The Three Sisters and Echo Point. This area is stunning, and has affordable housing in case you wish to live outside the city where the mountains meet the roads.

Retire to Sydney and begin a new life filled with adventure, history, culture, and all of the accoutrements that accompany a modern city.

Sydney city has a sunny, moderate climate which contributes to a relaxed lifestyle to enjoy the great outdoors and easy-to-reach sandy beaches. Sydney offers a secure environment for families, with excellent facilities, transport and telecommunications. Click here to discover all about this great city.



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