Retirement Villages Sunshine Coast Where You'll Need Your Sunglasses Everyday

If you are considering one of the many retirement villages sunshine coast, you’ll have your choice of climate, terrain, cost of living and lifestyle.

Retirement Villages Sunshine Coast

Which Coast

If you want to live in one of the retirement villages in the sunshine coast, you’ll have your choice of the Atlantic, Gulf or Pacific coast in the U.S. Each providing different temperatures but all have plenty of sunshine.

Atlantic Coast

Choosing the Atlantic Coast as one of your retirement villages sunshine coast, you’ll have your choice of the Northeast or Southeast Region.

The Atlantic cost is the second-largest of the world’s oceanic divisions, bounded by North and South America to the west connecting to the Arctic Ocean through the Denmark Strait and Norwegian Sea; and to the east is Europe.

The Northeast Region is in the New England area. Each state in New England is subdivided into small municipalities referred to as New England Towns.

New England Towns have the largest European ancestries than any other region of the country, including: Irish, French, Italian, German, Polish, Portuguese and Scottish.

The Northeast Coast is an optimal choice for retirement villages sunshine coast due to the rankings as some of the healthiest states in the U.S., although nursing home care can be expensive in the region. A private room averages $125,000 annually. A one-bedroom in an assisted living facility averages $55,000.

In the Southeast Coast, Florida is the most populous of the states, followed by Georgia.

The Southeast Coast is hotter and humid with less extreme change of seasons, with little to no snow.

The states and number of retirement villages sunshine coast along the Atlantic Coastline include:

  • Maine – 28 retirement villages

  • New Hampshire - 59 retirement villages

  • Massachusetts – 168 retirement villages

  • Rhode Island – 64 retirement villages

  • Connecticut – 135 retirement villages

  • New York – 402 retirement villages

  • New Jersey – 202 retirement villages

  • Delaware – 105 retirement villages

  • Maryland – 180 retirement villages

  • Virginia – 117 retirement villages

  • North Carolina – 251 retirement villages

  • South Carolina – 263 retirement villages

  • Georgia – 184 retirement villages

  • East coast of Florida – approximately several hundred retirement villages

Gulf Coast

The second region to consider living in one of the retirement villages sunshine coast. The Gulf Coast is often referred to as the Gulf South or the South Coast.

The Gulf Coast has more marshlands than the other two U.S. coastlines and has more fishing and shrimping industries.

Retirement Villages Sunshine Coast

The Gulf Coast consists of these states and retirement villages sunshine coast:

  • Florida West Coast – several hundred retirement villages along the coast

  • Alabama – 119 retirement villages

  • Mississippi – 8 retirement villages

  • Louisiana – 14 retirement villages

  • Texas – 308 retirement villages

Pacific Coast

The Pacific Coast is usually referred to as the West Coast for the westernmost coastal states of the U.S. Arizona and Nevada are often considered a part of the West Coast due to the large cultural influences from the West Coast states particularly from California, but do not geographically form a part of the region since it does not border the Pacific Ocean.

The West Coast consists of these states and retirement villages sunshine coast:

  • California – 426 retirement villages throughout the state

  • Oregon – 186 retirement villages

  • Washington – 175 retirement villages

  • Hawaii – 32 retirement villages scattered across several islands

  • Portions of Alaska (the other coast is the Artic) – 10 retirement villages

Examples of Retirement Villages

Of the retirement villages sunshine coast listed above, here are a few of the option for each coast:

Atlantic Coast Retirement Villages Sunshine Coast:

  • North Hill Retirement Community in Massachusetts:

    North Hill provides several types of care, depending on your needs:

    Independent Living; Assisted Living; Continuing Care; Nursing Care; and

    Rehabilitation Care.

    North Hill has more than 20 floor plans with up to three bedrooms with views of the Boston sky line; you’ll live in a convenient and tranquil community.

  • Saras Senior Care Residence in Stamford, New York

    Saras Senior Care is a private pay facility providing several care options:

    Independent Living; Alzheimer’s Care; Nursing Care; Assisted Living; Micro

    Communities and Senior Care.

    Saras Senior Care has on-staff coordinator for the residences planning different activities and community facilities for group interaction.

  • Hacienda Del Rio in Edgewater, Florida

    Hacienda Del Rio is the culmination of palm and pine trees covering the stretch of land along the Intracoastal Waterway. This gated community has planned activities for every lifestyle.

    Hacienda Del Rio is for the active residents.

Gulf Coast:

  • Tara Woods Hometown America in North Fort Myers, Florida

    Tara Woods provides resort like living with three stocked lakes and lots of trees for outdoor activities.

    Tara Woods is for the active 55+ and even has an RV storage.

  • Emeritus at Cambria in El Paso, Texas

    Emeritus has Assisted Living and Alzheimer’s Care with free transportation and home style meals making every day feel like home.

Pacific Coast:

  • Vi at La Jolla Village in San Diego, California

    Golfing and beaches summarize this community.

    Vi at La Jolla Village provides care for: Active Living, Independent Living;

    Alzheimer’s Care; Nursing Care; Assisted Living; Continuing Care and


  • Cottage by the Sea in Newport, Oregon

    Cottage by the sea is a senior living facility for all levels of care, but with an emphasis for skilled care or those needing a minimum level of care.

    The facility provides daily activities for the residence as well as the higher level of care.

When comparing the coasts for retirement villages sunshine coast, the following table ranks each coast from highest to lowest in regards to the weather and cost of living.

Category: Coast Ranking Highest to Lowest

Northeast Coast

Southeast Coast

Gulf Coast

Southwest Coast

Pacific Northwest Coast

Most sunny days






Highest Temperatures






Coldest Temperatures






Average Per Capita






Median Home Price






Your choices for retirement villages sunshine coast are plentiful. In addition to the number of facilities available on each coast, you have your choice of weather and cost of living, making your decision a little bit easier.

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