Retirement Villages Surrey is Just Across the Pond

You’ll find retirement villages Surrey is a country in the South East of England, bordering Greater London, Kent, East and West Sussex, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire.

Surrey sounds like ˈsurēˈ; considered an affluent country with an economy closely tied to London. The country has the highest proportion of millionaires in the United Kingdom.

healthcare in retirement

Since Surrey is a stone’s throw from London, you’ll discover living in one of the retirement villages Surrey means your social calendar will be packed with activities.

Types of Retirement Villages Surrey

The traditional nursing home retirement living is no longer your only option. You’ll find multiple types of retirement villages in Surrey for your consideration. You will have access to whatever care and support you need to be able to live the life you wish.

The types of care and living arrangements include:

  • Independent Living – perfect for those wanting their independence but knowing assistance is round-the clock provides you with peace of mind.

    For independent living, you have a wide range of living options: studios, apartments, bungalows, cottages and chalets.

  • Supported Living – referred to as close care, assisted living or fully serviced living. This type of retirement villages is described as a hotel-style living arrangements.

    Residents have the privacy and financial benefit of owning their own property with the luxury of knowing there is staff available to help with the more onerous household tasks.

    Supported living provides a nice middle ground. You are able to retain your privacy behind your own front door, but have social activities to keep you functioning in the community.

  • Residential Care – provides the support necessary to enable the residents to live to the optimum level of independence, secure in the knowledge help is available 24/7.

    Some of the retirement villages in Surrey have been built with the specific needs of the residents in mind to help those needing extra features for their living quarters, such as chair rails, safe bathrooms and wheelchair ramps.

    There are dining areas where the residents can choose to eat at a table for one or join others. Lounges are well equipped with games, books, multi-media and a plethora of seating options.

    Most of the facilities have libraries, activity rooms and meeting spaces where residents can socialize, relax and join in activities.

  • Respite Care – if you need extra support or care on a temporary basis. These retirement villages Surrey provide respite care and are staffed 24/7.

    Experienced managers oversee the respite care homes and work closely with outside professionals to ensure the requirement of every resident is met.

    Before admission, potential residents are assessed by a senior member of the staff to ensure their chosen retirement villages Surrey can meet their needs.

    healthcare in retirement

    Domestic services, such as cleaning and personal laundry are also provided.

  • Dementia Care – for those needing a very special type of care to enable the residents to live comfortably and securely while making the very most of life.

    Each of the dementia suites has been carefully designed in line with the very latest research to ensure the ideal environment; decorated with color schemes which enable residents to identify specific areas with specific activities.

    Many of those dealing with memory loss struggle with words, so picture prompts are used throughout the facility, such as menus and calendars, plus memory boxes containing personal possessions are used on each resident’s private door as a guide.

    The teams for the dementia care in retirement villages are hand-picked and trained to provide the special type of support needed for those residents living with dementia.

Examples of Retirement Villages

You’ll have plenty of options to choose from for retirement villages Surrey.

A few examples of retirement villages in Surrey include:

  • Elmbridge Village, considered the ˈGrandmother of Retirement Villagesˈ was the countries first village and the first privately-owned retirement community.

    Elmbridge Village has 236 bungalows and apartments set on 28 acres with lawn croquet and a village pond.

    Work is underway for an upgrade to the communal facilities.

    Elmbridge Village has some unusual features:

    • There is a nearby health center which performs two surgeries each week on site.

    • The village choir, led by a former opera singer, performs concerts.

    • Children from the local schools visit regularly.

    • Perfectly located for visits to London or to the coast.

      Elmbridge Village provides independent living.

  • Avonpark Village is another one of the retirement villages Surrey has available. You’ll find a village green, woodland area for exploring and a gym on the property.

    Avonpark Village is set on 15 acres bordered by fields and trails popular with walkers with views of hills and valleys creating a stunning backdrop.

    Living options include: independent houses and apartments right through to specialist nursing care.

    The evergreen borders and manicured lawns help make Avonpark Village an amazing view across the rolling countryside.

    Avonpark Village provides residential care.

    Each of the retirement villages Surrey has lightly different floor plans and types of care, but all will have libraries with internet access, fitness centers and outside space for you to enjoy.

    All of the retirement villages Surrey have outside areas which can be enjoyed by the residents and their guests. Some have outdoor games, which prove particularly popular on summer days.

    The core values of all of the retirement villages Surrey is to respect the resident’s privacy, offer dignity and respect, to ensure security and safety, to preserve civil rights and to ensure personal choice.

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