The Top Ten Reasons to Retire As If You Needed a Reason!

You have spent your adult life raising children and making a living for your family. Now you are ready to retire, but what are the top ten reasons to retire, other than your age.

Number 10-Traffic James, Meetings and Alarm Clocks

top ten reasons to retire

One of the top ten reasons to retire should be because the hours are great. You won't have the daily rush hour traffic. You don't have to wait for a bus on a subzero day. You won't have to work through lunch and no more tedious business trips. Now when you travel you will be traveling for leisure and fun instead of worrying about that connecting flight and making your meeting in time.

Number 9 – Spend Time with Your Grandchildren

Spending time with your grandchildren may be the most rewarding time of your life. When you were raising your own children, your time was divided between household chores, making a living, and a portion of your time was spent with your children.

Now you will have the time to truly enjoy your grandchildren because at the end of the day, you send them home rather than dealing with homework and baths after having worked all day.

Number 8 – Simplify Your Life

Instead of having to deal with the pettiness of the office politics, you will sit outside, listen to the birds sing and watch the sun set.

Business suits are replaced with blue jeans and tee shirts, which will help your budget too.

Number 7 – You Are Burnt Out

If you have to sit through one more meeting discussing how you can do your job better when you would be able to do your job better if you had fewer meetings, you are ready to retire.

Although you might get some sense of satisfaction from your job or believe you are adding value, if you spend your day watching the clock, you are burn out.

If Monday morning comes too fast and Friday seems like a far off dream, you are burn out.

Number 6 – Freedom

You can do what you want to do, when you want to do it. You can set your own agenda. Your life isn't dictated by your employment.

You will have lots of time to do those household projects you've been putting off for years.

You won't have to report to a boss your every move. You can go on vacation when you want to go and not when your employer says you can.

Lastly, it will be easier for you to be spontaneous without ˈplanning ˈ your spontaneity.

Number 5 – Your Health

top ten reasons to retire

Number five of the top ten reasons to retire, you'll have a drop in your stress level and be able to take care of yourself so you can enjoy retired life.

You'll have fewer headaches because your life is simpler. The ulcers and back pain will be replaced with a better quality of life.

You can take a nap whenever you want and truly relax.

Number 4 – Do What You've Always Wanted to Do

Whether you have always wanted to volunteer at the local pet shelter, write a book or take a craft class, the skies the limit with your options.

Pursue your lifelong dream to … and fill in the blank.

Number 3 – Your Life is More Than Your Job

As much as it may sting your ego, your employer will survive without you. Every day is a Saturday instead of working nights and weekends. Your mind will be free of your job responsibilities.

Although this is one of the top ten reasons to retire, most people won't acknowledge it because they may feel like a failure if they aren't ˈthat important. ˈ

An often used anonymous quote, ̎Nobody on their deathbed says ˈI wish I'd spent more time at the office. "

It's a big world out there and you should give yourself a chance to experience it instead of working your entire life.

Number 2 – Have Fun Now

top ten reasons to retire

Of the top ten reasons to retire you should realize you need to stop and smell the roses. Yes this too is an often used quote, but you need variety in your life.

Your job has always interfered with birthday parties and holiday celebrations, but not anymore. Remember your number nine reason, now you won't miss your grandchild's birthday parties.

Now you can be the first to arrive and the last to leave.

Number 1 – You Can Afford It

As much as all of these top ten reasons to retire make sense, if you can't afford to retire, you can't retire.

The minute you can afford to retire, do it. Think about what's waiting for you. If you have affordable health insurance; you've prepared a strong financial plan and have sufficient financial resources, you can afford it.

Although it isn't listed as one of the top ten reasons to retire, you may have to help an ailing family member and working full-time is keeping you from spending time with someone you love and want to help.

There is a myriad of advantages to be enjoyed by you when you retire, including leaving your job behind. You want to capitalize on your advantages.

When looking at the top ten reasons to retire, remember there are myths and jealousy abound.

No you won't be bored and no you won't sit in front of the television 18-hours a day. Instead you will have an active life, no matter your budget.

As you think through the top ten reasons to retire and before you decide to retire, reflect on your reasons for retiring.

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