Tualatin, Oregon: Ideal
Place to Retire

Retire to Tualatin

Tualatin is located 10 miles southwest of Portland and Beaverton. A suburb of Portland, This city has become a popular destination for retirees.

This small town has a community that is ever-growing and, at the same time, offers a unique landscape that is touted as one of the most ideal places to retire.

As the baby boomers soon emerge as the largest group of retirees in the next few years, they will certainly be looking to relocate to a place that offers a lifestyle that is of the highest quality. This city is considered to be the fastest growing community in Oregon, it offers retirees the best of both worlds.

With over 200 acres of parks and trails, Tualatin is a community that is rich in natural areas and strives to offer a standard of living that protects and preserves its neighborhoods. With the promenade in the town’s center, along with recreational and community centers, it also offers the Crawfish Festival, the Art Walk featuring its artistry featuring murals and sculptures, as well as its cultural heritage which offers appreciation for and a biography of its historical roots.

As an ideal place to retire, you will find a stream of retirees who have acclimated to the values this small town community represent. The quality of life, the “green” environment, the schools, shopping, arts, culture, and affordable housing all represent the care and attention that has made this community the fastest growing one in Oregon.

The city has more than 200 acres of parks, green spaces and greenways. Tualatin Commons is located in the center of downtown, has a 19 acre park which includes a pedestrian promenade around a three acre lake, public plazas, and an interactive fountain.Community Park is located along the Tualatin River.

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