New Archbishop of New Orleans Gregory Aymond


The new Archbishop of New Orleans, Gregory Aymond, delivers a Christmas message of peace and love to the Archdiocese.

"It's a time when we do come together, as not just community, but when our community is seen more as family and we ask God's blessings upon all of us as we renew that family spirit."

His Christmas wish for New Orleans..."A very, very blessed Christmas and that the love and the peace of Christ will rest in the hearts of the people of this great city, and that we will be a sign of peace to others."

The archbishop reminds New Orleanians that Christmas is a time of unity.

"I certainly hope that the solemnity of Christmas will draw our families closer together...give us peace in our own hearts, within our families, within our city."

A New Orleans native, Archbishop Aymond says it's great to back in his home town, celebrating the holiday and the holy day, after nine years away from the city.

"The prayerful support and the warm welcome has meant so much to me...I really do feel like I'm home again," says Aymond.

And, among his wishes for the New Year..."We want to see those Saints not only go marching in, but we want to see those Saints go to the Super Bowl."

The archbishop has been seen among the faithful in the dome chanting 'Bless You Boys' as the Saints head in that direction.

Archbishop Aymond will celebrate Mass at St. Louis Cathedral on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, then serve Christmas lunch to the homeless at Ozanam Inn. Don Ames Reporting

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