What is Continuing Care Retirement Communities?

CCRC allows seniors to "age in place," with flexible accommodations that meet their health and housing needs over time

Continuing care retirement community offers a long-term continuing care contract that provides for housing, residential services, and nursing care, usually in one location for a resident's lifetime which gives many residents peace of mind.

CCRC offer service and housing packages that allow access to independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing facilities. You have a choice of living in a single-family home, an apartment or condominium within the retirement complex. The resident can owns or rents the living space.

It is a combination of residential and healthcare facilities. Residents can stay in the Health Care Center while recovering from short-term illness or injury, then return to their home or apartment when they have recovered. Each community may offer a variety of different conveniences.

All CCRCs offer three basic levels of care:

1.-.Independent living apartments or cottages are suited to individuals who need little or no assistance.

2.-.Assisted Living Apartments are designed for those who require some help with the activities of daily living

3.-. Skilled Nursing Care offers residents access to both short-term and long-term nursing care, if the need should arise.

A few offer continuing care contracts that do not require an entrance fee and offer care assurances only on a month-to-month basis. CCRCs are highly regulated in some states but no federal agency oversees retirement communities.

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