Independent Living communities
Ideal For Active Seniors

Independent Living communities are one of the most
popular form of senior housing today.
Independent Living Communities offer independence and a community of friends for seniors who are active, healthy and able to live without assistance in a secure environment with certain amenities and services available.

Among the many senior housing options available, they provide the greatest versatility and freedom It consists of homes, condominiums, town houses, apartments, mobile and motor homes where residents maintain an independent lifestyle.

Basically they are no different from other residential community; any housing arrangement designed exclusively for seniors may be classified as an Independent Living community.

They vary significantly with regards to the type and extent of supportive services that are offered; apartment complexes, condos and senior housing communities also vary widely in size and amenities. Many offer studio, one, two and three bedroom floor plans with additional safety features such as emergency call alarms.

Some may only provide basic home maintenance services while others a vast array of amenities including exercise facilities, activity rooms, libraries, pools and spas, golf, tennis, beauty shops, and gardens.

What better way to find out more about the communities you're considering, than taking a trip to visit them. Many of them offer "discounted" weekend packages, so you can visit the community and get a first hand feel for it. Send for a free brochure.

For the Best Independent Living Community what better place than
The Eugene Hotel?
Located right in the heart of this small town with
beautiful surroundings and a friendly community. Eugene is a
college town
, home to the University of Oregon, a wonderful
resource for retirees, allowing seniors to attend classes for
very little money. Read more.

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