Retire to Annapolis, Maryland
Beautiful Historical Seaport

Retire to Annapolis, Maryland, home to the US Naval Academy and St. John’s College, Annapolis is one of the cheapest places to retire.


With a population of over 38,000, residents who live in Annapolis boast they would never consider living anywhere else. With its quaint towns and historical landmarks, to its fine dining and shopping arenas, living in Annapolis can afford you an opportunity to live in a safe environment filled with all of the cultural amenities you would expect in this town.

Even with its four seasons, Annapolis has activities year round. While there are areas in Annapolis which are considered quite expensive, new homes are under way which will house individuals over the age of 55. In fact, more than two thousand homes will be built in the Odenton area as well. Severna Park is also another affordable place to live, which is just outside of Annapolis.

City Dock is the center of life in Annapolis and a favorite place for locals and visitors alike. This is the dock where Kunte Kinte stepped off the slave ship in Alex Haley's 'Roots'. A wide variety of Annapolis favorite restaurants can be found in this attractive waterfront district. Shopping is another reason why City Dock is so popular and there are some great shops scattered throughout the area

If you love academics, you can take classes at St. John’s College. Moreover, if you would like to work part time, you can apply as a tour guide for the array of state homes and the immensely popular capitol building. If you love books, you can visit many of the downtown book stores which offer discussion groups and incorporate entertainment as well.

A visit to the Annapolis mall, where all of the major department store chains are located, is another plus. For arts and entertainment, the downtown theater offers a variety of entertainment. Annapolis has been touted as an ideal place to retire. And no wonder! Those who retired to this community have never looked back, and enjoy all that Annapolis and its outlying towns have to offer.

While Annapolis may be the cheapest place to retire, it is certainly rich in history, culture, and with its colleges and Naval Academy, has maintained an upbeat and lively air.

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