Retire to Savannah, Georgia

Retire to Savannah, Georgia

Among the many cities you may have on your list retire to Savannah, Georgia should be one of them.

Savannah is one of the great cities encompassing creativity, art, culture, and live theater and is the perfect place to retire to. Living in one of the oldest cities in America where you can engage in visiting interesting historic sites, landmarks, city squares, monuments, parks, historic homes, churches and forts; as well as the largest National Historic Landmark District is located.

As a resident of Savannah, you will be able to visit Chippewa Square which is part of the film history of Savannah. Oh, by the way, this is where Forrest Gump was filmed; Forsyth Park, the largest park in Savannah’s historic district; Franklin Square, named Benjamin Franklin, and a host of other squares and noteworthy monuments commemorating special places, people or events.

Have you watched Paula Deen on the Food channel? If so, you can visit her restaurant, “Lady and Sons,” or take the Paula Deen tour! There is so much to do and see in Savannah, it would take pages and pages to include it all.

Savannah, is a place that values older people. The availability of first-class medical services and opportunities for enjoying recreational and leisure-time activities are factors that make Savannah, a much-sought-after haven for retirees. If you wish to continue your education at area colleges, tuition at state colleges and universities is free for those 65 and older. Read about the many benefits this city has to offer.

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