Venice the Most Romantic
Vacation Ever Taken

If you are planning a vacation to Venice this year, you are certainly in for a treat. You can take advantage of a three night package that is affordable and is guaranteed to be the most romantic vacation you have ever taken.

A typical package includes:

* Three nights at the Palazzo Sant’ Angelo, that overlooks the Grand Canal.

* Accommodations in one of the hotel’s suite.

* Buffet breakfast

* A tour of the City in a gondola.

* A trip to Murano Island

* A fabulous concert at a Church in Venice

* Complimentary chips to the Famous Casino

In addition, you can walk through the city that encompasses bridges and cobble stoned streets; where you can mingle with the locals; shop to your heart’s delight, and dine on exquisite cuisine.

There is plenty to do, from walking along famous St. Mark’s Square, to visiting the Torre dell’Orologio where you will find the 15th century clock tower, or take a break at any one of the many outdoor cafes where you can be serenaded by local musicians.

For a romantic dinner, visit Antiche Carampane, an out of the way restaurant that serves excellent food and has fantastic service.

Take a morning stroll to Campo dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo, a piazza with outdoor cafes where you can view the famous equestrian statue of Bartolomeo.

Perhaps the most romantic activity, however, is the gondola ride. As you rest on soft pillows and cushions, you will be serenaded by a gondolier musical selections will set the mood for the rest of the evening.

When is the best time to visit Venice? Actually, winter is considered a good time. Bear in mind, however, that it can get cold, with an average winter temperature of around 50°. In addition, the city will be less crowded in the winter months and accommodations are most affordable.

If you wish to book a vacation to Venice, contact your travel agent. He or she will have the most up-to-date information on weather conditions, air and hotel packages, and sightseeing tours as well.


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